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Dairy Solutions

We all know how good dairy products are for you. Bacteria and molds also know the nutritional value these food products have! For this reason, bacterial and mold contamination of dairy products has been an issue since time immemorial. Various processors and additives have been developed over the ages – but now Savour Solutions has taken the fight against dairy contaminants to the next level. Our range of natural bio-disruptive technology products have the contaminants on the back foot.

Cheese Mold Prevention

Cheese Brine

Yogurt Contamination Prevention

Cheese Mold Prevention

Savacin has strong action against fungi (mold) and yeasts. In addition it has broad spectrum antibacterial action.

It can be used both inside cheeses as well as on the outside. Included in the processing process, it prevents contamination from the inside out. And…it can also be applied as a spray or dip to already made cheese to keep it clear of mold from the outside in.

The photo here shows cheese from the same batch treated with and without Savacin. And tests have shown that there is absolutely no effect on the taste or texture of the cheese. 

Cheese Brine Solution

Because of what it is, cheese brine can often be the source of bacterial and especially mold contamination – and it is often the last place you think of looking. Take the surprise out of the equation by treating your cheese brine with Savour Solution’s answer to this problem.

By a simple treatment of the water used to make the brine, our specially formulated bio-disruptive technology will keep your cheese brine free of contaminants – and give you peace of mind.

Yogurt Contamination Prevention

Savour Solutions uses bio-disruptive technology – all natural additives – to keep contaminants (especially molds) at bay in yogurt. We even published a scientific article on this – where we managed to increase shelf life by more than 20 days! This was life changing for the yogurt producers. You can read the article here.