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Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Advanced

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About Course

Welcome to the next segment of our Microsoft Office Outlook 365 courseware. Outlook stands as Microsoft’s robust and user-friendly personal information management program. The latest iteration of Outlook introduces novel features and enhanced connectivity options, simplifying the management of emails and personal information like never before.

Our course aims to cater to all users, guiding them through the diverse features of Outlook and acquainting them with its more advanced functionalities. Throughout the program, we will explore configuring advanced message options, utilizing advanced message management tools, handling tasks and calendars effectively, managing contacts, facilitating workspace sharing, mastering Outlook data file management, and comprehending email security management. By the end of this course, participants will confidently harness Outlook’s capabilities, optimizing their productivity and organization within the application.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Upon course completion, users will have gained a high level of comfort and proficiency in a range of advanced tasks within Microsoft 365 Outlook. Specifically, participants will be adept at:
  • 1. Configuring advanced message options for tailored communication.
  • 2. Utilizing advanced message management options to efficiently organize emails.
  • 3. Managing activities effectively using tasks and calendars for enhanced productivity.
  • 4. Expertly handling and sharing contacts with others for seamless collaboration.
  • 5. Facilitating workspace sharing to foster a collaborative environment.
  • 6. Managing Outlook data files and accounts to optimize organization and accessibility.
  • 7. Implementing email security measures to safeguard sensitive information.
  • By mastering these skills, learners will be well-prepared to maximize their productivity and streamline their workflow using Microsoft 365 Outlook.

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